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Everything Pokemon that is not flat. Plush, figures, pins... Come take a look!

Updated: July 23/2012!

Please note that there is a minimum purchase of $1 :)

Custom Espeon doll - $150
Look at how big she is...!

Eevee coasters - Left photo is one side of the coasters, right photo is the other side! - $20 each
Sold: Leafeon/Glaceon

Pokedoll box - (a little "used") - $5
Pokemon Center storage box - Features N on the other side - $10 Sold!

Halloween 2011 Chandellure charm set - $15 Sold!
Halloween 2011 Cofagrigus charm set - $15
National Dex Ampharos charm set - $20

Osaka metal charm - $8 Sold!
Osaka figure strap - $10
Pokemon Center "Lovely Pikas" Pin - $9 Sold!

Three-layered tin - $9 Sold!
Rare! Banpresto Suicune UFO - Pre-HG/SS era - $20

Pokemon Center storage box - In good used condition, smudge/stain on Pikachu. 5 x 4.5 inches! - $7

Pokemon Center 151 pins
Top row - $20 each
Bottom row - $5 each
Sold: Persian, Weezing, Shellder, Exeggutor

Metal pins
Kanto starters - $10 each
Johto starters - $15 each
Sold: Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium

Pokemon Center Christmas and Dex charms - $5 each
Gold/Silver Pichu metal charms - $2 each Sold!
Diglett/Pichu pin - $3

Christmas ornaments - $3 each

Mew and Friends hand cloth - Never used! - $5
Mew small clearfile - $4 Sold!
Sticker sheet - $2

Chikorita/Pika cell strap - $5
Totodile/Pika cell strap - $4
Pan stickers - $1 each

RARE Entei coin bank - $10 Sold!
Latias Kaiyodo bottle cap figure - $9
Clear Dialga movie Tomy - $5 Sold!
Zigzagoon tissue packet - $1
Sapphire cartridge eraser/box - $1 (On hold)

$2 is fine, and Oddish is just 50 cents :) Your total would be $5.52 after shipping. If that sounds okay, please send to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying in the note. Thank you!

Could you potentially do $15 shipped on the mousepad to the US? :) I'm interested in that Cynda freebie as well~

Hm... Do you think you could make it $16 to cover paypal fees? <3

Jirachi Can badge and whistle thing, if they're still available please!

Assuming you're from the states, your total is $9 after shipping/fees. If that sounds okay, please send that to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying. Thank you!

I'll also take the Donphan tag: .50
Cyndaquil freebie.
Oh, and the Articuno, treeko, bulbasaur and poli bell for .50 each~! To 85120~

Hmm ..Actually how much would it be with shipping for the card deck and just the donphan tag? <:3c

i would like the woobuffet megablok and the pikachu origami paper.

at the same time i would also like to ask if the woobuffet figure in the lot is a kid? if it is, then i would like to have it as well.

thanks loads.

Sure :) The figure in the lot isn't a kid, though. It's solid with some sort of peg hole in the bottom... not sure where it's from!

Your total after shipping and fees for the blok and the paper would be $6.87. If that sounds alright, please send that to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying in the note. Thank you!

Skitty light up strap to 01938 please!

$5.93 is your shipped total! Please send that to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying, thank you~

How much would the Skitty cell strap and 1 Psyduck plate be to the UK?

I'm sorry, the Skitty strap was just spoken for, unless the purchase doesn't go through?

One Psyduck plate to the UK would be $10 after shipping and fees :) Let me know what you decide!

I did wonder, could I get a quote on postage to the UK for the christmas ornament? :) I also see the box is a little scuffed, but seems the ornament itself is in fine condition yes? <3

Yeah, the box is scuffed, but the ornament is mint as far as I can tell! It's actually really pretty, but I probably won't be allowed to put it on the tree this year when I move 8'D

Unfortunately overseas shipping is a bit high, as it's fragile. After shipping and fees, it's $19.30 altogether. Please let me know whether or not you'd still like it!

ooommmggg pokemon stadium card deck please!!!!

to 77515!!

Someone else has asked about it, but it looks like they may not be buying - Would you like to be on the waiting list? :)

Ornament $10 if still available!! still looking..

I'd take the Kadabra charm and freebie Cyndaquil too, if the ornament is still available. Shipping to 21227.

May I have the remaining light up cell charm and the lil cyndaquil freebie to 01803?

Sure! The Cynda freebie is on hold, though - If you send payment for the cell charm, just mention "Cynda if it comes off hold" and I'll add it, does that sound okay? :)

Your total for the charm would be $5.80, if that sounds alright, please send to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying in the note - and mention Cyndaquil too. Thank you!

Sure thing! He'll be $5.80 after shipping/fees. If that sounds okay, please send that to kookygal88(at) with what you're buying in the note. Thank you!

Is the Jolteon/Flareon coaster still available? I'd like to take it along with the Celebi pin to the Philippines, please<3 Thank you!

Actually, the coaster's on an offers post front page on the comm... but... secretly, I do have two. I can post a picture of them together if you need proof. XD I just thought selling it with the other set would be weird.

For the coaster and the pin, your total after shipping would be $22.50. If that sounds good, please send that to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you're buying in the note. Thank you!

I'm waiting on response from another sales post so I'm not committing to buying but I'd just like to let you know that I'm interested in the
Tyranitar Line
Pokecen mousepad
Kakuna Tag

Is there any way you can come down a couple dollars on the Zukan or the mousepad?

Hey there :) I would be willing to go as low as $17 on the T-tar zukan, and I'd throw in the Kakuna tag for free. Does that sound alright?

Hi, I'd just like to say that I'm interested in the remaining Pokémon Centre mini plates, if they're still available! Also, does the shipping price change much if I were to buy only one or two as opposed to all three?

The only thing is, I'm moving to my dorm on the third of September; do you think it's possible they could arrive to v6k 4b3 before then? If not, I'll buy them when I figure out my dorm address, if they're still available then. ^^;

Yep! The ones listed (Cyndaquil, Totodile, Wigglytuff) are still around :)

Canadian shipping right? Shipping is, amazingly, pretty low for all three plates within Canada. XD And it'd be the same for any number of them, since it's based on weight. Your total after shipping/fees for one plate would be $8 USD. For all three, it would be $18.

If that sounds okay, you can send the total you've picked to kookygal88(at) with your name and what you've bought in the note!

Shipping within Canada usually takes a week or less, so you should be fine! I wouldn't wait any longer, though, just in case.

Is the Pokemon Center mousepad still in stock, and if so, how much would it be to the US? :O

It is! It would be $18.50 to the US after shipping/fees :) If that sounds okay, please send to kookygal88(at) with what you're buying in the note :)

How much for the doduo coin? I have no idea its worth so i'm not sure what to offer. Thanks.

Oh hey there, that coin actually sold just recently so I hadn't updated this page yet. Sorry about that!

16 bit memories sales

pokepark badges - mew $4
rare be yaps - mew $1
once upon a forest dvd - $5 <-- could you do $3?

how much shipped to 77551?

Re: 16 bit memories sales

The Mew badge is sold, my apologies! This shop is due for an update... lots of new items, but still a bunch that are sold and don't show up as such yet ^^;

I could do $4 on the DVD if that sounds okay? Your total would be $7.60 after shipping/fees. :)

Hey, would it be possible to combine some things with the squirtle?

If so: Wobuffet ball thing and the measuring tape thinger please! <3

It would definitely be possible. Shipping will go up, though, because the other items are over 2cm - is that okay?

Omg, that Wigglytuff plate is ADORABLE. Is it still available? How much to 50014?

It would be $8 shipped! If you're interested let me know :) It will have to wait until I am home again though (Monday) so I can make sure I still have it, I hope that is okay?

can I get the lapras saucer

How much for both Wobbus left to US 75214? :)
Annnnd do you now what the chibi Wobbuffet is? On the left.

They'd be $10 shipped :) (Sorry, shipping goes up on items over 2cm, plus I'd like to give the keychain proper padding!). If that sounds okay, please send to kookygal88(at) with what you're buying in the note!

I'm sorry but I have no clue what the little Wobbu is :x If you need better pictures I can get some?

Hello, sorry to thread jack your post, but I was jsut wondering if you were back from your trip and had a chance to mail the year of the rat puzzle. I ask because I'm about to go on my own vacation on the 20th and want to make sure I can keep an eye out for it. Thank you!

I was actually going to mail it out with the items sold in this post to save time, I hope that's alright? I just got back this past weekend :)

How big is the Pikachu mini pan? Also, how much would shipping be for the Pikachu patch to 11374?

The mini pan is approximately 2 inches? Maybe a bit bigger, I can only guess without a ruler.

Shipping for the pan/patch would be $2 plus fees :)

one pencil with the feraligatr on it to 23456 please :>

er, sorry XD visiting parents. that'd be to 23220. :x


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